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Gates “rewarded” 5 million US dollars to find “next generation toilets” in China

News from our newspaper (Reporter Wuwei, Correspondent Deng Yanan) Yesterday, the “Toilet Innovation Competition-China” event funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Gates Foundation) was officially launched. The relevant person in charge of the Gates Foundation said that from now until 2015, the foundation will donate US$5 million in China to fund various innovative forces including scientific research institutions, enterprises, and inventors in China. The R&D and production of “a generation of toilets” is to promote sanitation, environmental protection, comfort, and low-cost “next generation toilets” to serve the world as soon as possible.

According to Dr. Doulaye Kone, Senior Project Officer of the Gates Foundation, the “next generation toilet” needs to meet 4 basic conditions: “1. Hygiene: it can remove pathogens in human excrement and reuse the effective resources in it; 2. Energy-saving: it does not require an external water source, power supply and drainage pipe system; 3. Inexpensive: the comprehensive cost of using it per person per day is less than 5 cents; 4. Comfort: beautiful, no odor, no matter which country people are in, people like to use it it.”


Post time: 25-05-2020

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